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Campeggio Valle Gesso

A relaxing holiday, in the green scenary of the Natural Park of the Maritime Alps, with all comforts.
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The Campeggio Valle Gesso is situated in Entracque, a village near Cuneo in southern Piedmont. It borders on the Parco Naturale delle Alpi Marittime, the largest protected area in Piedmont and one of the biggest in Italy. The area is typically Alpine and 14 summits are higher than 3.000 m.

echo Up high, the valleys open on to relaxing grass plateaus, surrounded by needles and magnificent rocky walls, overflowing with water, streams, falls, lakes and small glaciers.

This beautiful area, once a Royal Hunting Reserve, is one of the richest for botanic variety in Italy, both Alpine and Mediterranean, thanks to its geographical location, which benefits from the nearby sea of the Côte d’Azur.

The wildlife is easy to come across and is mainly made up of rock goats, chamois and marmots; there are also other mammals which are more difficult to see, such as deer, foxes, ermines, martens, wild pigs and wolves, which have recently reappeared. In the clear blue air, it is easy to spot eagles, buzzards, peregrines, kestrels, lammergeyers and herons.

These mountains are rough, but also gentle with their mountain pastures, and offer refuges and bivouacs at higher altitudes, indicated paths for excursions both on foot and by mountain-bike, and information points. A little away from the Campeggio Valle Gesso, hot springs gush out in the spa complex of Terme di Valdieri, which became famous thanks to the Savoys, who, in the past, chose the Valle Gesso as their favourite resort, for hunting, fishing and relaxation. 2006 - 2016 © Campeggio Valle Gesso


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