Around the Campsite

There are a number of localities and attractions at a short distance from the campsite.
The main options are as follows:


Less than 15 km away from the campsite:

The thermal baths of Valdieri are situated in the heart of the Maritime Alps Park at 1370 m ASL, which makes them the highest thermal baths in Europe. Chosen by Italy’s royal family as a holiday resort since the 16th century, it is a delightful place where everyone can spend a lavish holiday, pampered with beauty treatments, massages and relaxing dips into the open-air pool heated up to 34°C – which means you can enjoy both immersing yourself in the water and admiring the mountaintops covered in snow.

The Valdieria Botanical Garden is just a stone’s throw away from the Thermal Baths of Valdieri and has approximately 500 species in 14 rooms, representative of the main ecosystems in the Maritime Alps. The visit lasts around one hour and takes you along an easy ring-shaped nature trail.

The ‘Uomini e Lupi’ Centre is the first nature centre in the Italian Alps entirely devoted to wolves. The centre consists of two display areas: one at the centre of Entracque and the other in Casermette (about 800 m from the campsite) and they are both equipped with multimedia equipment. You can visit the two centres separately and each centre takes about an hour to visit.

Rye Eco-museum – Rather than a museum, this is a trail that will lead you to discover the places where time is marked by the seasons, propitiatory rituals, and evening encounters in the stables. A network of structures, activities, workshops and events across the local area.

The visit is free of charge.

Museum and Necropolis of Valdieri – The wonderful backdrop of the Maritime Alps is home to the museum and necropolis of Valdieri, where you can take a look at the findings unearthed by excavations. The burial relics and a reconstruction of the necropolis are on display at the ‘Museo della Resistenza e del Territorio di Valdieri’. An accurate reconstruction of a building from the Bronze Age is open to the general public, together with vegetable gardens, fencing for tame animals and a kiln.

“Luigi Einaudi” ENEL plant – An interesting visit on an electric train into the depths of Mount Ray to explore the complex operation of the hydroelectric plants of the high Gesso valley, with its two dams (Chiotas and Piastra).

The visit is free of charge, booking is required.

From 15 km to 30 km from the campsite:

Borgo San Dalmazzo, at the entrance of the Gesso Valley, is about 15 km from the campsite. The centre of the current town still retains traces of the medieval hamlet that originated around the Benedictine Abbey of San Dalmazzo di Pedona. The splendid Romanesque church was embellished with stucco, paintings and gold during the Baroque Age. An articulate archaeological trail and a quaint museum inside the church retrace 20 centuries of history.

Cuneo, the provincial capital of Granda, is just 24 km from the campsite. In town, you can explore picturesque workshops, elegant shops, appealing cafés and patisseries, as well as a number of sites of historical interest (churches, museums, theatres, etc.). The colourful market held on Tuesdays is a must-see, and in July, during the ‘notti bianche’ (white nights) there is live music and shops are open until midnight on Thursdays and Fridays.

More than 50 km from the campsite:

The Royal Castle of Racconigi is about 75 km from the campsite. With its sumptuous decorations and interiors, this palace of the House of Savoy represents an excellent example from Piedmont of the in vogue style of the past century in all European courts. In the castle, you will be able to admire the Chinese Apartment, the beautiful Hall of Diana, the sumptuous Reception Room, the Etruscan Cabinet, a masterpiece of cabinet-making, marquetry, decorations and the magnificent Hall of Hercules. The vast park with wonderful plane trees, oaks and a host of other species is of particular interest.

Turin, the regional capital of Piedmont and Italy’s first capital, is about 120 km from the campsite and you can get there by car or train from Cuneo. You can visit the town’s palaces, the exclusive Baroque area in the town centre and the various international museums, starting with the Egyptian museum, the world’s second-largest after that in Cairo, the Savoy Gallery, the Royal Armoury, the Modern Art Gallery, the Museum of the Risorgimento, the Film Museum and the Car Museum.

Right outside of Turin, you can visit the wonderful Palace of Venaria, the second most-visited site of cultural interest in Italy.

Again near to Cuneo, some 50 km from the campsite, you can visit the beautiful towns of Saluzzo, Mondovì and Fossano.