For Children

The Valle Gesso Campsite is the ideal place for holidays with children and teenagers as they can spend their time outdoors and do what they enjoy most: playing, running, swimming, meeting new friends and learning new games.

On the campsite, they enjoy greater freedom as they are in an area with specific boundaries; they have vast open spaces and plenty of activities to keep them entertained: the swimming pool to play and swim in, a football pitch and a volleyball court, table tennis and billiard tables alongside traditional swings for the very young. For children from the ages of 5 to 12, there is a new playground made from wood with slides, climbing walls, tunnels and observation towers.

Moreover, our bike rental service – provided in partnership with the Natural Park of the Maritime Alps – focuses on children’s needs and has suitable child seats, helmets and bicycles.

There will be no lack of football matches and games at the campsite, along with the activities provided by the sports centres nearby, the ‘Uomini e Lupi’ visitor centre, the Park and the town of Entracque.

When the weather is cold, the Alpine skiing and Nordic skiing resorts nearby provide courses and lessons for children.