Rafting, Horse Riding, Recreationale fishing

When the weather is warm, nature takes centre stage by offering the chance to practice various different activities. A few kilometres away from the campsite, outdoor holiday lovers can enjoy the thrill of rafting down a river, spending a day by the lake fishing or enjoying magnificent views that only a tour on horseback can offer.



Rafting is a fun sport suitable for everyone, adults and children; you can choose between the adrenaline of the rapids and the equally intense fun of less impetuous stretches.

Horse riding

Horse riding allows you to stay outdoors with other people and see places you cannot reach with other means of transport. No horse riding experience is required, as excursion horses are trained to move safely and at a slow pace.

Rafting and horse riding are offered in collaboration with sports centres and holiday farms near the campsite.



Recreational fishing is a relaxing sport that anyone can practice. The main fishing reserves are just a few minutes’ drive away from the campsite: Lago delle Rovine, Cappello di Napoleone and Al Mulin.

In the winter

In the winter, Alpine skiing, snowboard and cross-country skiing are certainly the prevailing sports, but there are other options as well: walks with snowshoes or with climbing skis on immaculate trails are a memorable experience.

For Rafting and Horse Riding enthusiasts:
Further information is available at the campsite’s reception desk.